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IDEAL - dry cleaners company, Useful advice
1. Stains
The most important thing you should know when an item of clothing is spoiled, is to takebit to the dry cleaners as soon as possible to avoid irreparable damage. It has been known that if we try to clean a stubborn stain with normal cleaning products, we usually cause loss of colours and damage of the fibre, that you can never replace.
2. Laundry at home
As most of us have washing machines at houses seems very easy to make the laundry at home. But it's very difficult to do this properly as we're not experts. Although if an item of clothing is delicate and has various bids, accessories etc is advisable not to wash it at home and to trust the professionals. Also important is the drying of clothes, try not to put it direct on radiators, heaters etc. as that will cause stains and marks that will be impossible to erase.
If all above sounds complicated we have created amazing economical packages that will make your life easier. (see link)
Please try our service and we are awaiting for your comments.
3. Storing
Warehousing of clothes and carpets is very important for the long life maintenance. Before we use any space for storage we must make sure that there is no dampness and enough air circulation. If not there is danger of mould on clothes or carpets that is very difficult to be cleaned and also very unhealthy. Also avoid plastic packaging for storing clothes and carpets. Finally check when you store any item to be clean because any stains after long period of time would be impossible to get removed.
If storage of clothes and carpets is problem for you, we're happy to find a suitable solution.
Contact: 37, Pentelis ave., Chalandri, tel. 2106823719, 2108104970, email:
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